Galati was among the first places in the country that have benefited from art camp organized by the Union of Artists with the help of local authorities, whose main purpose was to enrich the heritage of artistic section with works of monumental sculpture in definitive material. And as in 1970 Magura Buzau was chosen stone quarries Naeni and Ciuta, Medgidia and Sibiu – ceramics at Arcus and Săliştea-Sibiu – wood, Galati, taking advantage of the existence of steel mill and shipyard, two industrial giants renowned opted for iron.

41. Istvan Gergely, Ecran

1. Istvan Gergely – „Ecran”

49. Gheorghe Turcu, Narcis

2. Gheorge Turcu – “Narcissus” – Seated around water, “Narcissus” remained to always look in the mirror river, enchants with the purity of geometric shapes, harmoniously integrated into the natural landscape.

60. Vasilica Marinescu Kasnovschi, Ziua si noaptea

3. Vasilica Marinescu-Kasnovschi – “Day and Night” – finds ingenious forms of horizontal and vertical alignment of semidiscuri welded in regular succession to suggest an antinomy phenomenon.

4. Elöd Kocsis – „The vagaries of the Fairies” – When Elodie Kocsis modular elements give the work a baroque air.

56. Alexandru Marchis, Solid-lichid

5. Alexandru Marchiş – „Solid-fluid”- Alexander performed a composition of waste Marchiş welded side by side, forming a fabric that gives it solidity and weight work, although it is small in size compared to the other sculptures.

51. Silviu Catargiu, Pasarea apelor

6.Silviu Catargiu – „Water Bird” – has in it something that makes us think in our popular tales, but also highlights the artist’s ability to propose a new mythology. The sculpture is a kind of bird-fish.

61. Constantin Popovici, Tentativa

7.Constantin Popovici -„Attempt” – captures an ambiguous situation: on the one hand gull booster effort, the detachment from earth, and on the other, the feeling of collapse.

43. Crisan Bella, Evolutie

8.Bella Crişan – „Evolution” – Bella Crisan join the space a kind of labyrinth, built by repeating enlarged with each new element of an octagon with unequal sides.

55. Ingo Glass, Septenarius

9.Ingo Glass – Septenarius – turns architectural forms ( “Septenarius” “Pyramid of the Sun”), suggesting volumetric an area rising, and somewhere at the bottom, builds concrete kind of “table of silence”, reminding himself such Centenary Brancusi’s birth.

47. Nicolae Saptefrati, Fisiune

10. Nicolae Şaptefraţi – „Fission

58. Ernest Kasnovschi, Valul si vantul

1. Ernest Kasnovschi –  “The wave and wind”

46. Aurel Olteanu Stanca, Icar

2. Aurel Olteanu Stanca – “Icar”

44. Silviu Catargiu, Chemarea zborului

3.Silviu Catargiu – “Call of Flight” – From the bottom of the paper, developed in two overlapping cones, flanked by two wings come off four cones, supporting the top two volumes pyramid surrounded by two scarves suggesting flight.

39. Manuela Siclodi, Confluente

4.Manuela Siclodi – “Confluences”

54. Dan Covataru, Receptor

5. Dan Covataru – “Receiver”- is inspired by the television network technolog.

53. Georghe Terescenco, Poarta orasului

6. Gheorghe Terescenco -“City Gate” – is designed as a metal column of 15 m., Squared, of which emerge two silhouettes of a human couple. They develop on top of the paper creasing volume that seem to dialogue between them opened like wings for flight. Done so, the work seems a symbol of openness to the world of Galati.

57. Tiberiu Bente, Spatiu de joc vegetal (bis)

7. Tiberiu Benţe conducted large-scale compositions, giving effect to an overflowing fantasies ( “Space game Vegetable”).

50. George Apostu, Tata si fiu (bis)

8. Gheorghe Apostu – “Father and son” – Located at the bottom of the cliff pair “Father and Son” at the Danube riverbank watching here as a totem of those swallowed by the river.

59. George Apostu, Fructul soarelui

9. Gheorghe Apostu – “Fruit of the sun” – located at the top, it passes by a second road parallel to the Danube, made up of spokes of a wheel, supported by a shaft of a perfect verticality, its height and monumentality they dominate the landscape, offering a unique, of great beauty.

40. Mihai Istudor, Amfiteatru

10. Mihai Istudor – “Amphitheater” – art critic Michael Drişcu notes: “The sculptor realized a net air very expressive,” stitches “them cut after a serious science compositional rules encompassing and unpredictable. It is a work that manages to individualize the surrounding area.

73. Aurel Vlad, Suflet pe ape

1. Aurel Vlad – “Soul on waters”

45. Manuela Siclodi, Facerea

2. Manuela Siclodi – Genesis

42. Liviu Russu, Zidire

3. Liviu Russu – “Laying”- continues it’s cycle based on the myth offering creative, artistic illustrated to us by the legend of Master Manole.

69. Sergiu Dumitrescu, Vesmant

4. Sergiu Dumitrescu – “Garment” – Rubik’s Sergiu Dumitrescu, solid blue that seems to rise from the ground, has the top a splendid silver metallic lace.

66. Gheorghe Marcu, Lectia de odihna

5. Gheorghe Marcu – “Rest Lesson”- George Mark sits flat metal plates 12 pyramids trying to suggest “Last Supper”.

71. Silviu Catargiu, In memoriam

6. Silviu Catargiu – “In memoriam” – – the author creates the upper level, where women enroll a human figure, an arcade, a symbol of recollection, but also of triumph. The character is stylized, the artist does not give up this time volumes and cone nor the wavy shapes, which makes locating the Danube area. The sculpture is a tribute to human sacrifice, those who identified with the belief being and aspirations of this nation.

76. Marian Zidaru, Cetatea (Noul Ierusalim)

9. Marian Zidaru – “Fortress”- artist cultivates biblical reason ( “Fortress” located in the courtyard of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).

52. Ingo Glass, Piramida Soarelui

10. Ingo Glass – “Pyramid of the Sun” – Ingo Glass appeals to architectural forms ( “Septenarius” “Pyramid of the Sun”), suggesting volumetric an area rising, and somewhere at the bottom, builds concrete kind of “table of silence”, reminding himself such Brancusi’s birth centennial.

68. Gheorghe Terescenco, Porumbel

1. Gheorghe Terescenco – “Dove”- it is designed horizontally into geometric shapes that suggest flight, but also serenity, deep peace. “Freedom” in height, approaching the first, but it is much more elaborate. Straight lines coexist with those curves intersect, because in the terminal space to score in two volumes aerodynamic. Everything gives the feeling of exaltation, of irumperii sweeping the telluric.

70. Sergiu Dumitrescu, Veghe

2. Sergiu Dumitrescu – “Sleep”- starts from forms that suggest the human body sculpture is a simple composition.

67. Mircea Roman, Piramida ucisa

3. Mircea Roman – “”Pyramid killed” – imagine an inverted pyramid trunk, from which emerges a pair of human feet.

75. Aurel Vlad, Taurul rosu

4. Aurel Vlad – “Red Bull”-by public sculpture transpose a bullfight with dramatic finish.

74. Napoleon Tiron, Valuri sarmatice, metal, 4,5x5x1,5 m

5. Napoleon Tiron – “Sarmatian Waves” – Napoleon Tiron, born in our region, in the village of Rediu, in a paper large, made up of three modules rectangular, tilt sideways, placed symmetrically in space and weld between them, painted in green extensively, suggests the movement of water waves.

63. Gheorghe Marcu, Doisprezece

6. Gheorghe Marcu – “Twelve” – All the pyramids mounted so take hourglass form, call the artist and his work in 1997.

62. Anton Constantin Sevtov, Condur

1. Anton Constantin Sevtov – “Condur”- reminiscent of Cinderella’s fairy slipper.

77. Sergiu Dumitrescu, Iesirea in lumina

2. Sergiu Dumitrescu – “Switching to light” – is based on forms that suggest the human body sculpture is a simple composition.

65. Darie Dup, Pasul acrobatului

3. Darie Dup – “Acrobat step” – makes us think of the circus.

64. Mircea Spataru, Incinta

4. Mircea Spătaru – “Enclosure”

79. Neculai Bandarau, Lapidati

5. Neculai Bandarau – “Lapide”

78. Ioan Alexandru Grosu, Levitatie

6. Ioan Alexandru Grosu – “Levitation”

48. Gheorghe Terescenco, Libertate

7. Gheorghe Terescenco – “Freedom”- straight lines coexist with those curves intersect, because in the terminal space to score in two volumes aerodynamic. Everything gives the feeling of exaltation, of irumperii sweeping the telluric.

82. Relu Angheluta, Dinamica sufletului

1. Relu Angheluță – “Dynamics of the sould” – is a kind of “poetic burned.” Is the materialization in metal, the means that are available to oneself crossed in life and creation, with the deep unease soul with exaltation and offenses, tensions and internal conflicts, all having the goal is always the pursuit of self-improvement, perfection and fulfillment artistic.

86. Mihaela Brumar, Instrument de ascultare a timpului

2. Mihaela Brumar – “Tool for listening time” – the first impact retain viewer attention by slenderness and harmony of proportions, the curvilinear motion sensation it creates three ovoid. The central axis through his perfect verticality, gives the impression that pierces the sky.

81. Eduard Costandache, Neuronul Imparatului

3. Eduard Costandache – “Neuron King”

84. Sorina Fador Vadeanu, Radacini spre inalt

4. Sorina Fădor-Vădeanu – “Roots to high” – a metaphor for human aspiration to high moral and spiritual to perfection.

85. Cosmin Saulea, Clepsidra

5. Cosmin Saulea – “Hourglass”

83. Adrian Vadeanu, Realitati

6. Adrian Vădeanu – “Realities”- is a plea for raising the human principles, the dominant form of spirit and unity perfect. Materialization plastic artist made it appealing to enrollment symmetrical strictly geometrical space of two pyramids, one pointing down, the other pointing up. The connection between them is made by three vertical bars sinusoidal.

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