Edition VII


This year, VII, Metal sculpture camp was named Silviu Catargiu as a tribute to the memory of much of the late sculptor Galati, left us on 17 January 2016 and it is organized by the Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” in partnership with the Engineering school graduates of Galati and Romania Association CED Centre for Excellence through Diversity with the support of Ministry of Culture is a project funded through the ACCESS program.

The “Metal sculpture camp” Galati, Seventh Edition of” Born from the desire Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” Galati and its partners Alumni Association Faculty of Mechanics of Galati and the Association CED Romania – Center of Excellence through Diversity to continue emblematic artistic tradition of organizing an event for the city of Galati.

Opportunity project financing by the Ministry of Culture through the ACCESS program was fructified by writing application by the Association CED Romania, the project submitted obtaining required financing in the amount of 99.964 lei.

The project, subject to financing contract no. 2459 / 05.07.2016 concluded between the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” Galati and which is implemented in the period 06.07.2016 – 10.31.2016 is managed by a team Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” Galati consists of:

Andra Marcu Luciana – Project Manager;
Ioan Tudor – Responsible artistic;
Costica Labus – financial, with the support of partners, Catalin Fetecau – Project Manager from the partner Alumni Association of the Faculty of Mechanics and Cristina Caluianu Galati – Project Manager from the partner CED Romania Association – Center of Excellence through Diversity.

Through open competition judged by cultural figures and specialists mark (Dan Nanu Basarab – Manager Museum of Fine Arts Galati; Aurel Vlad – sculptor, Dan Perjovschi – visual artist Corneliu Stoica – art critic, John Tudor – artist / Responsible artistic project ; Catalin Fetecau – project Manager partner Alumni Association Faculty of Mechanics from Galati) were selected eight artists:

1. Catalin Badarau – Bucharest, Romania;
2. Nicolae Popa – Bucharest, Romania;
3. Laurentiu Mogosanu – Bucharest, Romania;
4. Liviu Mocan – Cluj, Romania;
5. Sorin Purcaru – Iasi, Romania;
6. Valentin Vartosu – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;
7. Denis Brinzei – Galati, Romania;
8. Gheorghe Terescenco – Galati, Romania,who have made monumental works of art in metal on “Arc over time” during August to October 2016 using materials and supplies procured under the project.

Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” Galati and Alumni Association of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Galati managed to mobilize the business of Galati, proponents Edition VII Camp sculpture in metal contributing to greater openness in the organization of work sites, sponsorship materials, equipment, supplies necessary to perform the act of creation, the exchange of experience between imlicati factors in the creation process.

The project had a character education through the organization of workshops during which Master students from the Faculty of Engineering of the University “Dunarea de Jos” interested in sculpture in metal had the opportunity of an open dialogue, applied techniques with participating artists, who sustained demonstrations.

The project has enabled actions to promote Metal sculpture camp Galati:
website development languages (Romanian and English) tabaradesculptura.ro, which contains a section containing a number of payment instruments easily accessible dedicated to fundraising in order to organize the annual frequency Camp since 2017;
achieving facebook.com/Tabara-de-Sculptura-Galati-1416793691952443 Facebook page;
realization of advertising (banners and posters) on the organization Edition VII and their location in high traffic areas of Galati, allowing the general public access to information,
and previous editions of promoting Camp:
tabaradesculptura.ro contains sections dedicated to each of the editions I-VI, which presents works created and perpetrators;
commemorative plaques were made for each work within all editions Camp, which shows the name of the paper, author and year to its performance.

The project has received local media interest by publishing the daily “Free Life” a series of articles on the Seventh Edition of Camp Galati metal sculpture, the works carried out and the perpetrators:




On 27/10/2016 the premiere of works and presenting them to the public in a public event held in open cultural space “Nicolae Mantu” inside the Faculty of Engineering of the University “Dunarea de Jos”.

During this event will promote the need for conservation works forming part of the architectural heritage areas of the Municipality of Galati and will initiate a dialogue between all the stakeholders in the public and private sectors, particularly civil society, in order to start some action at Community level aim to contribute to civic education in order to protect and promote these works of art.

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