Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” Galati is the beneficiary of grant contract signed with the Ministry of Culture for the project “metal sculpture camp in Galati, Seventh Edition of”.

Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” is a nongovernmental organization community interest, aiming the development of cultural life and the fine arts in the south-east of the country, promoting cultural and artistic values and improving artists and technical staff on specific trades type of art, encouragement and financial support of young talents, promoting repertoire and values fine art and Romanian culture in the country and abroad, development of cultural relations in the region “Lower Danube” and in the European space, moral and financial support to artists retirees.

By organizing events hoc or permanent in visual arts, mostly carried on in Art Gallery “Nicolae Mantu” or cultural space open “Nicolae Mantu” Corps D of the Faculty of Engineering of the University “Lower Danube” Galati, the Foundation fulfills its mission to contribute to the education of the general public and in particular young people, to increase access and their contribution to the realization of acts of culture in an age of Internet and mobile applications.

In 2011 he organized the first edition of the workshop national sculpture and the second edition of the Workshop Art Urbana “Åland” and, since 2012, has initiated or is a partner in the artistic events with frequent annual:

• As the winter salon. UAP Galati
• collective exhibition UAP Braila Branch
• Branch collective exhibition at Art House UAP Galati – Bucharest
• permanent exhibition dedicated to the city Galati Florian Doru Crihana
• collective exhibition “Rural and Urban ‘Workshop alumni
• Painting – Graphics – Sculpture.

Through the contribution that has brought the organization Edition VI Camp sculpture metal after an interruption of 15 years, the Foundation has been part of a project that resumed a tradition of Galati city, many of the works made by participating artists part of the urban architecture of the city.

Foundation proudly bears the name of Nicolae Mantu, representative brand of Romanian artists and founder of the artistic movement Galati. Mantu Nicolae painter and illustrator was born on April 24, 1871, in a house located today at Al. I. Cuza. He came from a family of merchants, his father was even one of the mayors of Galati.

He attended primary school in his hometown and then Upper Commercial School “Alexandru Ioan I”. 1890 was student of the School of Arts in Bucharest Belle- which he graduated four years later, the Medal “Honoris Causa”. Between 1899- 1912, in several stages, was perfected at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he specialized in painting livestock, winning numerous honors and awards.He returned in 1913 in Galati, the city where he spent almost his entire life otherwise.

Nicholas Mantu

Artist 1871-1957

About Nicholas Mantu

“Higher Commercial Graduate School” Al. I. Cuza “University of Galati, in 1882, Mantu graduated from the Bucharest School of Fine Arts, the Medal” Honoris Causa “then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, winning in 1905” Diploma songwriting workshop “. Painter livestock (painter Spirescu explain students how hard it is to catch the expression of a pet’s) was a cartoonist, the “Truth”, “The truth politic”, “Belgium Orient”, “ant”, “The Patriot,” “Morning” and “Moftul novel” of Caragiale. “- Galati Free Life.

His satirical drawings appeared with social tinge, since 1894 the most important publications of the time, including “The Truth,” “Morning,” “The Patriot,” “Moftul Roman”, “Santa sheath” or “ant”. 1911 participated in exhibitions organized by “Timerimea Artistica”, where he was a constant presence for several decades.During the First World War was the front with his drawings depicting battle scenes newspaper “Romania”. It was also present with numerous solo exhibitions and group Galati and Bucharest, until the Second World War.

Actively involved in city life Galati, Nicolae Mantu was a member of the Municipal Council, Vice Chairman of Cultural Society “VAUrechia” and promoter of fundraising for the construction of the municipal library (building today Dramatic Theatre). In 1951 he founded the Artists Cenacle, which developed the current kernel local branch of the Union of Artists.

Nicolae Mantu died in his hometown on September 8, 1957. The local community keeps alive the memory of the creator art movement in Galati, carrying a street name from Micro 13, No. Secondary School. 1 of Micro 19; Art Galleries “Nicolae Mantu” of Galati and Cultural Foundation “Nicolae Mantu” I carry on the legacy by supporting and promoting culture and artists Galatians.

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